Aircraft Interior Expo

Hamburg, Germany - April 4th, 2017 - Touchline Interactive was present at the Aircraft Interiors Expo which brings together the latest innovations dedicated to the interior design and entertainment systems on board. Touchline demonstrated its expertise in virtual reality technologies by offering an immersive visualization experience for the validation of aircraft interior designs.

Equipped with the latest virtual reality helmet HTC Vive, visitors have traveled to the cabin of an aircraft while being able to interact with their environment.

Using the virtual menu, participants were able to personalize the interior of the cabin. According to their tastes, they changed the color of the armrests, the texture of the seats or the light of the room ... While being in motion in the aircraft or sitting on the seats.

Virtual reality can be applied to many business areas to design, test and validate processes, but also to learn by simulating complex situations or to create buzz among prospects.

Immersive experience makes sense in a professional context where work becomes much stronger to assess impacts and opportunities for development.