Motion Cube

Motion Cube is an application that enables to comprehend augmented reality in a playful way with animations and mini-games.

This application presents Touchline Interactive in a playful and dynamic way. In 2014 Touchline Interactive aimed to make more accessible augmented reality, so we had the idea to create an application with animations and games to present our activity. 
By the way, the application is available on the Apple Store and the Google Plays Store
Here you can watch a demo.


  • Creating 3D mascot and displaying it with augmented reality since a notepad
  • Animating 3D mascot and displaying with augmented reality
  • Interaction with your environment
  • Creating mini-games displayed with augmented reality


  • Commercial use
  • Engagement created
  • Presentation and apprehension of augmented reality a playful way
  • Memorable
  • Follow up and conversion analyzed thanks to download rapports available on stores