v0.6 - Windows - 64bit installer -  12/11/18 - 238Mb :   Version  zip

Download, unzip (if required) and run the installer.

Release notes:
  • Compatible with version 0.6.50 of the GooRoo|Player available on the Windows Store
  • New 3D Manipulators
  • Undo support (object transformation / parenting / keyframing)
  • Auto-Save (saves the project automaticaly every 10 minutes)
  • Auto-Save preferences & Confirmation panels
  • Pop-up Comments & Tools panel according to user level
  • Execute step according to user level
  • User level graph filtering
  • Dummy - Center on selection
  • Associate picture to scenario
  • New 3D Widget library
  • Supporting Multiple scenario in a project
  • Duplicate scenario
  • Cut/Copy/Paste graph nodes
  • Animation - Add keyframe between existing keyframes
  • 3D Navigation improvements
  • Frame Selection improvements
  • Asset dependency checking (check and inform about missing files and references)
  • Undo now working on virtual sliders
Known Issues:
  • Frame selection not working properly if object it a child of a "scaled" parent
  • Animation may differ in the Player when animating rotations - make sure rotation is less than 90degrees between 2 keys
  • Object lighting defined in Editor is different on the Player


v0.6 - Windows 10 - 12/05/18  :   Download from Windows Store 

Release notes:
  • New User Interface / Look & Feel
  • New scenario selection panel
  • Added a one week free trial licence
  • Can choose SnapNotes camera (from setting panel)
  • New SnapNotes combining Notes and picture taking
  • Multi-language support (french/english)
  • User level support
  • User level selection (from setting panel)
  • Instruction title can display 2 lines of text
  • SnapNote images are now included in the final report
  • Bug Fix : Imrproved CPU/GPU consumption
  • Bug Fix : Improved Zoom in/out (was not possible to get close to the object)
  • Bug Fix : Video player now keeps aspect ratio
Known Issues:
  • Scene lighting differs from Editor (dark in Editor and very light in Player)
  • Text billboard line is sometimes too thin or too large
  • Rotation animation may be different than the one defined in the Editor

Note:: Contact us if you can not access the Windows Store and you need a custom standalone installer.

GooRoo|Utility-  Player data exchange Tool

v1.1 - Windows 10 - Installer - 07/04/18 -  300kb :   executable  zip

  • Download executable or zip file
  • if ZIP, Unpack the zip file
  • Run goorooutility_installer.exe
Release notes:
  • Feature - New menu item to export reports persisted in the Player
Known Issues:
  • None that we know about...