v1.0.2 - Windows - 64bit installer -  June 24th 2019 - 170Mb :   Version  zip

Download, unzip (if required) and run the installer.

Release notes:
  • Changed camera navigation button - Camera orbit is now using left mouse button
  • Improved camera navigation - rotating is now constrained on up axis
  • Fixed NaN value when using rotation 3D manipulators with rotation X set to 90
  • Fixed Billboard editing bug - Was going back to the beginning of the text at every keyboard input
Known Issues:
  • No Undo when deleting a 3D object
  • Visual artefacts when editing object color
  • Translation 3DManipulators not working in some situations (workaround is to close and reopen the 3D View)


Windows 10   :   Download from Windows Store 

Android   :   Download from Google Play Store 

Note:: Contact us if you can not access the Windows Store and you need a custom standalone installer.


v1.2.7 - Windows 10 - Installer - June 11, 2019 -  80kb :   executable  zip

  • Download executable or zip file
  • if ZIP, Unpack the zip file
  • Run goorooutility_installer.exe
Release notes:
  • Supports new report extension (.zip)
Known Issues:
  • None that we know about...