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Top features


Operation Guidance

Our solution provides contextual content to guide operators in operating their tasks.

Scenario Authoring

We are providing an authoring module to let you easily create your own scenarios

Live Quality Check

Our solution provides image analysis features to check that tasks have been performed properly.

Training to Operating Consistency

We are using the same based scenario to both guide & train the operator.

Integration Capabilities

Our solution uses XML open files formats and provides an API to control the Player during operating

Touchline Interactive releases GooRoo version ORION

ORION enables "On Demand Smart factory".

It provides tools from Training to Operational guidance to deliver quality on time.


  • Schneider Electric

    By avoiding the operator validation we gained 10% of the assembly time, and divided the training time by 2

  • Airbus Helicopters

    Nous collaborons avec Touchline Interactive pour élaborer une solution innovante en réponse à une problématique industrielle. La disponibilité et

  • Métropole de Nice Côte d'Azur

    L’application innovante que Touchline Interactive a réalisé pour la Métropole Nice Côte d'Azur fut un réel succès lors du salon Innovative

  • Herve Sagnier

    Nous cherchions un différentiateur pour notre nouveau jeu de plateau Z First Impact. Touchline Interactive a su faire preuve de créativité et d’un